First offspring from Marley von Wölpinghausen

06.04.18 - Marley gave birth to 5 little puppies 4 girls and one little prince. We ware extremely happy about it.

Marley von Wölpinghausen mated with Judas von den Golan-Höhen

04.02.18 - We are looking forward to puppies from our dogs Marley and Judas

Jona von den Golan-Höhen von Thoran vom Hirschenragen gedeckt

28.12.16 - Jona has been mated by Thoran between the years, an outstanding male, who has already procreated a number of good puppies. We are very excited about this promising connection.

O-litter born!

04.10.15 - Three females were born at our kennels' co-operative members' on October 4th. We congratulate.

ADRK Clubwinner 2015

31.08.2015 - Judas became ADRK-Clubwinner at this years 45th club show in Ratingen-Lintorf. We are extremly proud and especially happy about this success. Our gratitude to eyeryone, who supported and helped us, to achieve this success.

International champion!!

21.06.2015 in Velence/Hungary - V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the internationalen Dog-Show (Judge: Dr. Vadócz Éva ), - Therefore Judas has all the necessary requirements for the title "international champion".

In addition, he made 2nd place in the FCI-Group 2 in the cathegory "Best dog of show".

FH2 passed!!

29./30.05.2015 Porta Westfalica - Judas has passed the FH2 examination at the competition of the ADRK BG "Bückeburg und Umgebung".

N-litter born!

14.02.2015 - On Valentine's day we got a special gift from our Hanka. Five strong boys and one cute little girl. Click here for first pictures.

Autum bonitation on 14.09.2014

18.09.2014 - We are very lucky and especially proud, that our Judas passed the bonitation. The result is valid until 14.9.2016.

Judge: Edgar Hellmann and Hans-Jürgen Radtke

We want to thank everyone, who supported us and helped us to achieve this success. More

We congratulate our kennel co-operative members

03.09.2014 - We congratulate our kennel co-operative member Adelheid and Herman Dittmar to three outstanding puppies(2/1). Melina, Moses and Medox.

Mother: Jona von den Golan-Höhen - Father: Elvis vom Haus Rosenberger. More

Zwinger von der Ostseehexe erhält Nachwuchs von Judas

03.09.2014 - Am 31.08.2014 sind im Zwinger "von der Ostseehexe" 9 Welpen zur Welt gekommen(4/5). Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Maren Brinket zu diesen schönen Welpen. Mehr

Kennel "vom Duvanhof" received offspring from Judas

02.09.2014 - 3 males and 6 females were born at the kennel "vom Duvanhof"on 27.07.2014. We congratulate Harald Wessels to these outstanding litter. More


22.8.14 - We congratulate Irina Meier to all her achievements, that she had with Indio in 2014. Especially mentioned the 3rd place at the ADRK world championships 2014!!!

ADRK Champion soon to come!

22.6.14 - Judas has all the necessary requirements for the german ADRK champion!! Mehr

Kennel "vom Hohen Schramberg" receives offspring from Judas

09.05.2014 - 2 males and 4 females first saw the light of day on 09.05.14. They are strong, very pretty and without flaws. Pictures follow! More